Carmen integrates energy healing into all treatments to provide a sense of well-being that energizes all aspects of a person’s mind, body and spirit to be at your best from the inside out.

Carmen’s Energy Flow Facial (90 mins) | $130
Breathing, the healing touch of Reiki and a massage of your face, neck, shoulder and scalp are combined with deep cleansing in this treatment to leave you relaxed and revitalized. Lifestyle and stress consultation will enable you to carry the benefits of this facial beyond the moment. 
This gentle, effective treatment is also combined with crystal therapy and finishes with a beautiful Angel Card Reading!

Reiki (30 mins) $45 | (60 mins) $75
This ancient system of “laying on hands” promotes physical, emotional and spiritual balance, activating the natural healing processes of the body. This gentle treatment relieves stress and is especially beneficial during life transitions such as grieving, moving and career changes.

Ear Candling | $50
This gentle ear treatment is helpful in removing wax build up and relieves ringing, sinus problems, allergies and headaches. Pressure point facial and neck massage included.