All facials include skin analysis and a specialized one-of-a-kind dual action, deep cleansing device which enhances the benefits of each treatment for softer, healthier, more radiant skin.

The Beach Facial (65 mins) | $70
A deep cleansing treatment geared towards your skin type that includes exfoliation, warm towels, steam and extraction, neck and shoulder massage, finishing with a replenishing mask and moisturizer. Hand massage included!

Facelift for You (65 mins) | $75
Specialized treatment mask works immediately to lift and tighten the face and neck for a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Luminous Spa Facial (75 mins) | $105
Recommended for mature skin, this specialized anti-aging treatment uses microcurrent technology combined with Age LOC facial gels to stimulate and tone the skin for an improved appearance that leaves your skin refreshed, hydrated, softer and younger!

Clear Action Facial (65 mins) | $75
Formulated for problem or acne-prone skin types. Pressure point and lymphatic drainage combined with specific products help manage the full range of effects acne can have on your skin. This treatment purifies and detoxes the skin and helps to ensure the future health of your complexion!

Get Polished Facial (65 mins) | $75
Perfect before a special event! Feel and look your best as this treatment leaves your skin glowing and hydrated,  featuring pumpkin enzymes to resurface, soften and polish your complexion. Equivalent to a microdermabrasion session using the most gentle products!

Eye Lift for You (20 mins) | $25
Stress, age, a busy lifestyle and exposure can wreak havoc on your eyes. This treatment will help reduce wrinkles and under-eye bags and can be added on to any other facial treatment.